64-Page Graphic Novella from Aftershock Comics

Tragedy strikes young Marcus Beharrell’s family, as his father suffers a debilitating stroke. At least, that’s what the adults tell Marcus what happened. But he knows the truth—a demon called the Replacer has come to take away his jolly tech-obsessed Dad. Besides Marcus, no one else can see the monster, and with every passing day, his father falls deeper into the clutches of evil.

The Replacer is an exploration of how we cope with a tragedy at a young age. In 1995, when writer Zac Thompson was seven, his Dad came home after suffering a massive stroke just like Marcus' dad. It's something that changed his entire worldview, and something that left him haunted. Through Marcus' eyes, we see a version of this story.

A throwback to 80's horror for fans of The Exorcist, Stephen Kings IT, Stranger Things, and Creepy Comics. This is a haunting tale of tragedy and the crushing fear and anxiety that comes with it. 

"Immersive, compulsively readable, and nearly impossible to put down." - Batman's Bookcase

"The Replacer will break your heart. 5/5" - Horror DNA